Friday, September 15, 2006

I can't feel you...

I'm not alright.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Crash and burn

The embers crack and sizzle as they slowly die out in the fire that was my self-assurance. Once a towering inferno, dancing and boasting a strength and resolve unmatched and untouchable, it now sits, a lifeless mass of dirt and ash.

I’m scared.

I feel like a lump of coal being crushed and trying to hold up over a lifetime of dark solitude underground. Though the end result may be beauty. I’m beginning to question if the end is worth the means.

I’ve found a new game. I walk across campus with someone I’ve never met. It’s usually a beautiful woman or someone out of my league. I act like we’re in a fight and because of which we aren’t talking. I find it astounding that you can walk half a mile with someone and have them not even acknowledge you exist.

I’m beginning to thrive on that. The reticence has become my sanctuary.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


The quiet hum of countless conversations in the student center stirs me from my mindles reading that is my metier.
Each person talking has a million things to be done but finds there not so quiet respite in the comfort of a listening ear.
Complaints of hard papers, excitement of new attractions.
This is life at its most unvarnished state.
I can't help but feel alone in the crowd. But there is a strange comfort in my isolated ocean.
I see people rushing around and I feel so safe and select.
Surrounded by strangers. Many. Nameless, faceless many.
I'm afraid I'm going to like it here.
I'm afraid I'mn going to find friends and then lose this sweet sweet complacency.
I'm alone but I'm never been safer.
In a legion of reasons this place is hell.

But I'm afraid of losing this heaven.