Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Coolest Couple.... EVER

So we go to "The Malte Shop" in Provo... Me and Jenesse are hanging out while Chase, Mette, Sousa, Tasha, and Emily are enjoying the car wash and this crazy couple keeps talking to me about how I chose good music on the jukebox. We got to talking to him and he was the freaking coolest. So then the rest of the "funky Bunch" comes filing in and we're talking to the guy and he was giving us some of his onion rings and stuff... this guy was the stud to end all studs and so he tells us that he was playing at acoustic night at a club and that he proposed to the girl he was on a date with. He said he didn't have a ring and he hadn't asked her father or anything yet. So we made him put an onion ring on her finger, and then we started a song on the jukebox and announced to everyone that that it was for the recently engaged and made them dance... we finished up and left, but then went back and gave them addresses and such to make sure they invite us to their wedding... they swore they would.

It was freaking awesome

Sunday, July 03, 2005

State of Confusion

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I'm coming upon crossroads everywhere in my life, new jobs, people leaving, old friends drifting further and further away. I feel like I'm missing out on opportunities all around, but the changes that ARE happening in my life, I don't want to accept. I just feel left in the dust as my life drives off without me. I'm trying to just stay as busy as possible, but I still find myself with too much time alone... pondering on things that are probably way over my head. I don't know what I want to do with myself.

I know I'm not alone, but still, somehow I have this undeniable sense of despondence. I just need someone to talk to, I need that one person who knows exactly what to say. I'm acting way too pessimistic about all of this though. I mean, perhaps I am losing the life in which I have found comfort and solace, but who knows where the new trail that has been opened to me will lead?

You may be wondering why I chose the picture that I did. It is simply because...everyone is afraid of their perfect rose wilting. They dread the fall of that one final petal that proves that what they had is lost. But through the loss of all of our old comforts and the beauties of our lives, the path that leads to our new life, our new solace, is clad with a beautiful array of rose petals, waiting for us to journey further into our life which we will miss one day as well, it isn't easy... but hopefully, it's worth it

I hope...